So the adventure begins

19 Aug

Yesterday, the girls and I hit the mall and then the movies. We saw Kung Fu Panda at our cheap theatre….$3.00 a ticket — I’m there.  The best part is the popcorn and pop is cheap too!  We did some shopping — why oh why do I even go into Gymboree….and why oh why can’t they have a version of Gymboree for grown-ups.  One mom in the store expressed the very things I’ve felt — I don’t like shopping for myself any more — it’s so much more fun to buy cute little clothes that have all these matching accessories for the girls.  I’ve gotten over that a bit….but for the most part I’d still rather shop for the girls.  Kung Fu Panda was a very fun movie (in fact I first typed “Kung Fun”)  The girls are already asking for the DVD.

Today we are headed for the paint your own pottery store — I figured I’d have the girls do frames for their school pictures (sorta creative huh?)  Maybe I’ll do one for our last week of adventure.  Tonight is the school’s open house.  We’ll drop off all our school supplies, meet the teachers and get to see where the girls’ desks will be…..both girls in desks this year…oh my.


2 Responses to “So the adventure begins”

  1. william August 19, 2008 at 5:14 pm #

    Hey I did not think gymboree was in the same place as the movie?

    How did you just happen to get there?

  2. midwestgold August 19, 2008 at 10:22 pm #


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