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Getting mom’s engagement ring….

16 Nov

The news reports say that Prince William gave Kate his mother Diana’s engagement ring.   Is that creepy or romantic.   I’m siding on creepy.


Seriously — how can anyone believe we can reason with them

12 Jul

Okay — wth….blowing up people watching the World Cup — Yes I can absolutely see how we can reason and negotiate with these monsters.  Clearly we are to blame for their anger.

And since there isn’t one yet — the previous statements should be read as if written in sarcasm font.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  Can we just get on with taking out the TRASH!

And one more thing…..

14 Jun

Have you seen the video of the congressman who grabbed the kid who was trying to interview him?  Okay — I think the whole set-up interview was probably a little suspect — but nothing and I repeat NOTHING justifies the congressman’s actions….I just think what I tell Evie and Bess all the time….Never touch anyone in anger.

Still in Hartford….

14 Jun

We’ll head to Pierre this week and then on to the Hills for a quick visit.  We are excited to be welcoming visitors to our cute rental in Pierre this weekend.  Deb, Liz and Liz’s boyfriend are coming to visit.  the occassion is the 100th anniversary of the Capital building…the celebration is on Saturday.  So I’ve already started obsessing about what to cook.  HA  🙂

On a subject I have absolutely no control over….this whole Abby Sunderland drama really has me perplexed…..I can’t imagine as a parent letting your 16 year old sail around the world solo — but I don’t live with sailing like her family does……I still can’t even begin to figure how you let your child go…..I know you have to give them wings — just not a sailing boat.  😛

Broadband and limited cable

30 May

it is so sad that I need those things to feel civilized.  Well….the limited cable is very limited…but in a pinch it’s okay.  Netflix on high speed is just fine tho.  🙂

Trying to find interesting things to do this Memorial day weekend….not a lot going on — the weather is actually quite nice — Saturday was very hot with Thunderstorms in the evening — so today was pleasantly cool but sunny.  We went to the beach on the river on Saturday and the Cultural Heritage Center today (great museum) — tomorrow we are thinking about heading over to Farm Island — walking trails and wildlife — should be fun and I think good weather for it.  The Capitol is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year — in a couple of weekends…..I’m excited that we are here for that….I mean — how cool and how do you not take advantage of something like that….had we been in Hartford I’d have never bothered to drive to Pierre for something like that….but now we can take part….as a history buff I think it’s very cool…

did I mention I think it’s cool….HA 🙂

Blizzard Update

12 Jan


Sun is out — temp is 8 degrees — with wind chill — it’s -13.  Wind is gusty to 45 mph…..and yet more fishermen show up.  Some things I can’t explain….or even want to try to understand.


12 Jan



Yep we got blizzard conditions — the first photo was taken around 12:00 noon — when they announced early dismissal.  The second photo was taken around 4:00 p.m.  I put up both to show that conditions have not changed — but that didn’t keep 2 hardcore bozos from coming out to ice fish… things must be really bad at home.