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When is too much mulch too much?

5 Aug

According to Bill 10 or 15 bags ago.  Ha!  We are hosting our church’s 3rd summer picnic on Sunday.  This has been something we’ve been looking forward to all summer.  Now as I’m not the most accomplished gardener (I have a garden area I refer to as “The Ugly Garden” and no one disputes that name).  I look for plants with a Darwinian spirit — you know survival of the fittest.  See I start with good intentions….but then in May and early June it rains a lot….so I get out of the habit of watering my plants….and generally by around the 4th of July any pretense of watering goes out the window.  Well — since we knew early this summer that we’d be hosting the picnic, we — or rather Bill — decided he was going to be dedicated to watering our garden plants until at least August 10th (picnic day).  Well….we also need some other landscaping help….way more than we committed to $$  wise.  And then, I saw an ad at Home Depot for $3.00 bags of mulch.  So we started with 13 bags (I asked for 12 but was charged for 13 — who me superstitious) — that was a good start.  Then I think we got 10 more bags….but the price had dropped to 2.30 per bag (whoot whoot) Well today, I picked up another 12 bags…of the same color we’d been using and then 4 more bags of a different kind for a different area…not to mention 4 bags of sand for our sand box.  My poor van was turned into a low-rider.  Yesterday, I was told by my husband to stop cutting stuff down (branches and such) because the trailer set to go to the dump is more than full….Today, I was told “No more mulch”  and I do think we may have hit our mulch limit.  Of course…..I’m also starting to think mulch is a lot like being too rich or too thin… can never have too much.

I will get some pictures of the great new plants I’ve added.  Lowes has been having an amazing “end of season” sale….perennials for around $3.00 and some gorgeous planters with petunias for just $3.33.  Cool huh?  Pictures soon.  I’m actually really proud of our gardens this year.  🙂