Book Review – Amber Morn

19 Aug

Amber Morn is the last of the four books in Brandilyn Collins’ Kanner Lake Series…..and it is a whiz bang way to end the series (although I’m gonna miss the characters).  I started the book on Saturday and finished it on Sunday!  I didn’t want to put it down because I was on the edge of my seat to find out what was gonna happen next.  Some of the characters that had been “local color” in the previous three books got the opportunity to be front and center in the action.  Collins’ really delivered a intense read that did not become obvious.  I was expecting the action to play out in ways — and frankly that might have been very pedestrian and easy to guess — and Collins’ delivered unexpected results and twists that weren’t a “pat” solution (definitely not a Hollywood or Touched by Angel).  There were a couple of threads I’d have liked to have had sewn in — but all in all….it was a delightful, suspenseful read.  I’m looking forward to sampling other series written by Collins — I’m not expecting to be disappointed.  I’ll let you know.


One Response to “Book Review – Amber Morn”

  1. Brandilyn Collins August 19, 2008 at 5:18 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I’m glad you liked Amber Morn and the Kanner Lake series in general. I really appreciate your insights on the way Amber Morn ended. I’m with you–I never want pat, expected endings. This ending has shocked some readers, but you know, unfortunately–it’s reality.

    Frankly, Amber Morn was a very hard book to write. In the middle of keeping the action going, I had to try to bring to a satisfying ending ALL the personal threads of the various characters throughout the series. That meant for a lot going on. I was a little dizzy by the time I finished that book.

    BTW, you can read discussion questions for the Kanner Lake books on my web site (and on the Kanner Lake website). The questions are designed to help readers think about the deeper symbolism in each book.


    ~ Brandilyn

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