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Update on Design Star

5 Aug

Okay — so I just got around to watching the show from last night and Jennifer won.  I sorta had a feeling she might.  She seems deserving — she is really amazingly artistic.  I still like Matt alot….someone will snap him up…maybe TLC.

Anyway — since I ragged on HGTV for being a little skimpy with the New Orleans families….I guess someone was reading my blog (ha)….because Lumber LIquidators gave the families each $1,000 and Sears ponied up $3,000 each.  Do you think HGTV could have ponied up another thou to make it an even $5,000.  Well no.  But since Sears already gave them their kitchen appliances, that $3 grand should go far.  So closes another chapter in reality TV


Good Evening Angels

31 Jul

Sheer Genius will be rocking a Charlie’s Angels them tonight….I’m so there.  Special guest Kate Jackson — whooo hooo.  I’ve loved her since she was in The Rookie.  

Which Angel were you?  I always wanted to be Sabrina.  When the show was first on, it used to make me so mad that the “smart” girl was never in a bikini…I’m telling you….brains are beautiful.


This episode was such a disappointment.  I haven’t done hair for years and I think I might have been able to do a better updated Jill Monroe (Farrah — for you non-Angelics) style than any of the stylists on the show.  I’d have to say I’d disagree with who got the cut — but I can see where it was close on the stink it up scale.  Oh and another thing…..I don’t think Jaclyn should be using the “your work is sheer genius” until the very last show for the winner.  Otherwise it just gets old and sorta meaningless.

Runway – Kristi can’t tell the difference

31 Jul

The casting director on Project Runway has me totally confused.  I cannot keep Leanne and Jennifer straight.  I can’t tell you which is the one with the really retro glasses.  But this challenge really seperated them….the clocks dress stunk and the black petal dress from Leanne was really good.  Oh as I watch — I see that Jennifer does not have bangs… she must not be the girl with glasses.  I’m hoping Jennifer gets the Auf soon so I’m not so confused….at least about who is who.

By the way — Kristi thinks Suede should get acquainted with personal pronouns….the Suede says “Suede rocked it,” is so done.  It worked for Bob Dole — it doesn’t work for a guy with a blue mohawk



This just in….daw gone it….I’m gonna have to be confused for another week.  Jennifer didn’t get Auf’d this time.  I really thought her dress – inspired by clocks — shouted Time’s Up!  Also — note to Runway wannabes — if Tim tells you the dress stinks….listen to the man.  Otherwise you end up going home after sending a dress down the runway that looks like reject for Carmen Miranda….Ai Carumba!

As long as I’m talking TV

28 Jul

Who do you think should win HGTV’s design star?  And by the way since pretty much no one has a link to this blog yet — I guess I’m asking myself.  I’ve been a fan of Matt’s since pretty early in the competition….but I’m not sure if his redesign in New Orleans is enough.  I mean did you see the size of the family Jennifer had to design for….crikey.  But yes — HG pulls out the tear-jearking and gives re-do to really deserving families.  Another question — why was the big surprise at the end just a marching band? For crying out loud — in the era of extreme home makeover — I’m looking for cars, bedroom sets or maybe a mortgage pay off….but no…they got a great high school marching band  —  Woo Hoo.   What about Curb Appeal or Landscaper’s Challenge….how about some of the Dream Home stuff — or even the Green Dream Home.  

Okay — enough.  But I’m telling you this — it did amaze me to realize the conditions these folks are still living in….wowsers….I’m reminded to be thankful every minute of every day.

Greatful in SD

Next Food Network Star

28 Jul

Yes — I’m a junky for these shows.  Okay — so I’m disappointed that Aaron won.  I think he’ll do okay and he’s got an amazing story, but he just wasn’t my cup of tea.  I think I was mostly cheering for Lisa.  I really liked the young gal Kelsey — but she wasn’t in the finals.  I thought all three did a great job on their audition tape — just goes to show you what a great producer will do for you.  So congrats to Big Daddy’s kitchen.  I hope you do great.