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Working on the solar system

8 Feb

Wow — working with Bess on her report that she has to do for school on the solar system (she picked the topic).  She has 5 different activities she’s going to do and we are starting with her 10 facts she wants to have as the center of the project.  She is very concerned about not doing “plagiarism” .

I’m not sure how this is relevant to anything…..but for some reason about two hours ago I thought I needed to post on it.  Now two hours and many interruptions later I no longer have any clue as to what I was originally going to comment on.  Gotta love my life.  🙂



I’m your mother, not your maid….

12 Jul

Yep — those words came out of my mouth about an hour ago…

And one more thing…..

14 Jun

Have you seen the video of the congressman who grabbed the kid who was trying to interview him?  Okay — I think the whole set-up interview was probably a little suspect — but nothing and I repeat NOTHING justifies the congressman’s actions….I just think what I tell Evie and Bess all the time….Never touch anyone in anger.

This week we’ve been in Hartford

7 Jun

We came home a week ago to catch Karate and see my parents before they took off to California.  It looks like we’ll be in Hartford this week as well…not heading back to Pierre until  sometime next week…..It’s a weird feeling right now — not really feeling like we belong in either place.  Well maybe that’s not it — but still just feeling a little lost in the transition……

Had a great weekend — Friday night we went to Little House on the Prairie: The Musical.  The girls absolutely loved it.  We enjoyed it too….It won’t be an everlasting classic, but it was good family fun.  Saturday we hit the Renaissance Festival and saw Liz and her beau (Little house language) and managed to not get totally soaked.  🙂

Sunday was a great time at church, but a sad afternoon as Bill headed back to Pierre with out us…..but the Golden girls had another fun experience on Sunday evening — checking out a performance by the Sioux Falls Cygnets — our synchronized swimming team….a warm muggy time (in the Elmen Center) was had by all.


31 May

how quickly we’ve adapted to the summer schedule — let’s call it just for the holiday weekend so I don’t feel so slothful — It’s nearly noon and no one in the house is ready to go anywhere yet….of course the girls can turn on a dime. I did start my sweeping of the upstairs (swept downstairs yesterday), and the beds are made — so I’m not totally without achievement for the day.  Plus I can tag Deb for me sitting down right now — she called to have me look up something for her on the internet and I’m waiting for her call back (isn’t that the flimsiest excuse you’ve ever heard)

We skipped Zesto’s last night — but it was the same flavor as the two days before — Tutti Fruiti — which is very delicious by the way…..Today’s flavor is Root Beer — looking forward to that later today.   Well I can tell for sure that the girls and I are gonna need some version of schedule to stay on top of this summer….

So…..I did good

10 May

That’s harder to say than I’d like to admit…..okay so I didn’t accomplish anything Nobel Prize winning today — but then again most Nobel Prize winners don’t do award-worthy things everyday either.  It’s hard to acknowledge the little things — but on the positive side — I got to the pharmacy – which I needed to do, restocked my condiments (the ones that went bad in our refrigerator when it quit working), dropped off my jacket to be returned and had lunch with Evie, took care of some laundry and cleaning, read my bible reading for today, picked the girls up from school, (okay I didn’t cook dinner — I picked up pizza — Domino’s — wanted to try the new recipe — I’m not impressed) took the girls to a mother/daughter community ed class, spent some time with Evie trying to teach her how to research a topic for an essay and am now actually writing this on my blog….not a bad day really….and you know what — in honor of trying to “FLY” (finally loving yourself) I’m gonna pat myself on the back for what I did do instead of focusing on all that still could be done….heck I know it’ll wait for me.

So….it was a good day.

One down, one to go

7 May

It’s field trip season — today the West Central 2nd graders headed off to the Army National Guard, then lunch at Sertoma Park followed by a visit to the Butterfly House and Outdoor Campus.  In spite of the cold gray weather, I think most of the kids had a great time.  This was my second visit to the Army National Guard — and I highly recommend it as far as field trips go….we (and yes I mean me too) got to ride in a mobile rocket launcher, the kids got to try dessert or crackers from an MRE (meal ready to eat), see an M-16 (they didn’t get to touch) and then play in an inflatable bouncy house — One of the cutest/memorable things the guard member demonstrated was how heavy the pack they carried was — how’d they do that???  by putting a second grade girl in the pack and carrying her around for a bit.

We are so lucky to have such fine people making sure we are safe and free.  🙂