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So….I’m now also writing for War College

18 Nov

I have to say — I’m pretty excited about this….I consider it a real honor to have been invited to be a contributor to what I consider to be SD’s best political blog.  Since being asked I have struggled a bit with writer’s block — okay — I’ll call it what it really is — nerves….I’m a little intimidated.  I’ll have to work on that.  I also worry a bit — because I’m a little thin-skinned and some of the hecklers on the site can get a little rough.  I just have to remember to only post entries that I’m willing to stand behind.  Not everyone will agree with me….even if they should.

I’ve also been put back on the payroll down at KELO-am.  So this means, I’m blogging – hosting a weekly TV show and will be on the radio from time to time……..It’s a good thing Oprah is stepping down…..cuz clearly I’m coming for her…….


Plug your nose

24 Jul

From my window I can see all sorts of floating white spots in the lake — fish bellies…..GF & P has told us that the oxygen levels are dangerously low in the lake and the fish are dying…..The carnage has begun to come to our shore — as has the smell.  Poor fish…  There is now a special dumpster for the dead fish at the boat ramp and the landfill is letting Wall Lake residents bring their dead fish for free.  (oh the wind is finally blowing — which will help the live fish — but it’s blowing towards our shore)

Oh did I mention that the Girl Scouts are having a day camp today at Wall Lake.  No swimming and 20 girls complaining about how bad it stinks.  (hopefully the only carnage will be the fish)  Of course — it’d be nice if we could convince the girls to clean up the dead fish for a service project.  HA

And next week, we’ll be hosting our church picnic…..and probably still hosting the smell.  Sigh… least we aren’t the fish…..


21 Jul

leave an open pack of licorice near the area you will be sitting if you have control issues……well at least it took me two sittings to get through the bag.  CURSE you Ace Hardware for having bags on sale for a buck….there are still three bags in my kitchen….must hide them before I get sick…….too late….Maybe if I drink Green Tea it will not only relieve my bloat — but make me feel better and healthier.  HA….I can only hope…..but off I go to try.

I hate when that happens….

13 Jul

I just figured out the new knicks in the paint on the wall that I noticed are my fault — from where I keep the lap top.

DANG…..I can’t blame anyone else…..

Where am I going….

12 Jul

I think I’m on a fast train to Grumpyville, with an extended stay at nearby Pitypartytown.   Could Curmudeon Valley be just a short distance away.  I’ll send a postcard.  Seriously, I listen to my inner monologue and sometimes it’d make emo-rockers look positively like Skippy John Jones.  The most frustrating thing is that I catch myself wallowing — and I truly have no business in even dipping my toe in the shallow end of the wallow pool.   The FLY lady calls it “stinking thinking” but it mostly refers to when you are being unreasonably hard on yourself….but I think it extends past that to an attitude about stuff and people around you.

My question is — how the heck did I get here….maybe the journey doesn’t matter…i just need to change directions.  Everyone including me deserve better.


8 Jul

The last entry is exactly why I think I’d bore people to death if lots of people were reading my blog.  I’m just not that exciting.  🙂

Gotta love living in the country….

8 Jul

Okay — this am, my FIL was kind enough to come over an mow our yard (yeah — it’s always nice for Bill not to have to worry about it when he comes home from Pierre — especially since he’s mowing up there too) and I went out to clean off the cottonwood seeds and fluff from the air conditioner unit — Bill Sr. was mowing nearby as I was working on the unit and a mouse nearly ran over my foot.  I also saw a mouse (I’m pretty sure) moving in the grass yesterday near our front door — I think it’s time to get a cat.

Okay — while I’m patting myself on the back here for cleaning the a/c unit….I’m also working on weeding the hedge and I’ll probably trim them this morning, I’ve made my bed and I’ve got laundry started — not to mention a clean dishwasher and sink.  Watch out cousin Martha Stewart….HA!