Book Review: Judgment Day

16 Apr

Whew — I just finished Judgement Day by Wanda L. Dyson…and what a ride!  Suzanne is a TV personality with an expose style show “Judgment Day”.  She uses her show to launch less than accurate attacks that have ruined more than one innocent person.  So when Suzanne finds herself under attack the list of people with motive for revenge is long.  And when she finds herself under arrest for murder she has to swallow her pride and ask for help from a former boyfriend who’d been a victim of Suzanne’s cutthroat, all about me behavior.

The story kept me turning pages and up well past a responsible bed time.  This is a fun read that I highly recommend.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review


Book Review: Divine Appointments

28 Mar

I just finished Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumbich.  It was a very sweet book that has a very timely message for people experiencing changes in their life — who isn’t after all.
There were parts of the book that moved a little slowly for my taste and parts that flashed by a little to quick and would have deepened the book by dwelling with some changes more than others.
If you like books with a “real life setting” but just a touch of the mystical than you will enjoy Divine Appointments.

Seriously — what do fish have against us?

22 Mar

Second fish dead.  This one made it a week.  Fortunately Evie didn’t see before she went to school… now the mom crisis — should I dispose of the fish before she comes home…….

Oh and as a wonderful footnote — we’ve had a mouse move in….and no this one didn’t come from a pet store.  It keeps moving the glue trap out of it’s way…..seriously….I’m gonna blame the mouse for the fish dying.  Why the heck not….

Drat….but really it’s all good

21 Mar

So I didn’t win the scholarship…..oh well…..I’m a little bummed….but you know what I’m really glad I tried.  The two winners’ entries were amazing and so deserving.

Mmmmm….so now what….

So funny…..when truth hits you while you are scooping poop

21 Mar

As I was cleaning up after Murphy and Millie near our front door and I was once again chastizing myself for putting it off and having to scoop a lot more than I’d like…..a familiar song was going through my head …..I should have been doing this more regularly — every couple of days at least….maybe even as soon as the poop drops so to speak.

I am not as disciplined as I’d like to be and frankly it frustrates me and it continues to frustrate me.  A website I like to follow has a term for well organized people — “BO” for born organized.  To extend that idea I believe there are people who are “BD” — born disciplined.  I’m not one of them.  The good news is that discipline can be achieved — it’s not like a beautiful singing voice…

I love the results when I’m task oriented and get the job done.  I feel good about myself, my mood brightens and I feel strong sense of accomplishment.  So shouldn’t that be enough of incentive to, as Nike says, “just do it”.  It should.  But I do find that perhaps Evie got her “butterfly chasing” tendencies for me…..and the siren call of distraction and couch sitting is more attractive than I’d like.

I’m going to continue to struggle with discipline….and the catch 21 is that it takes discipline to attack a lack of discipline.  But at least my yard looks good for now.  🙂

Entry for scholarship contest

17 Mar

She Speaks is a wonderful women’s conference that is hosted by Proverbs 31.  A dear friend attended and has encouraged me to consider attending the next conference this summer.  There are scholarships available.  As part of the scholarship competition, I had to write about my desire and experience to be a speaker……

Here’s what I wrote:

I’ve never been shy about speaking up, sharing or advocating an idea or cause…at least not that I can remember.  When you see the hopefuls on American Idol, you see them with microphone in hand singing their hearts out as three-year olds and their parents saying they always knew their child was destined.  Well, I may have had a microphone in my hand – but no one wanted me to sing – I’m more of a joyful noisemaker – so I’d speak.  I’d educate, discuss and yes, even argue at every opportunity.


In high school, my energies were directed to debate and oral interpretation – hey if I could be up in front making points, I was there.  As a Human Resources Intern during my college years, I volunteered to educate more than 800 beauty school students about the HIV virus and AIDS.  I followed that up with seminars to the same audience on domestic violence.  One student even suggested I take over for Oprah.  Could my dreams be that big?


Eventually, I found myself in Washington, DC with the amazing opportunity of being Communications Director to one of the U.S. Senators from my home state.  My job was a forum to speak publicly representing my boss.  I was ecstatic and exhausted at the end of the long days.  But the job came to an end after 7 years after defeat at the polls.


But I wasn’t done with politics or speaking about issues.  An amazing opportunity to guest host on a local talk radio show came almost as a bolt from the blue.  For the last seven years, I’ve enjoyed taking over the mic for the 4-hour morning show, this time talking about what I think and because of the wonderful latitude granted to me by the station owners, talking about my faith and my God.  Hosting the show has allowed me to introduce listeners to people I admire, causes that touch my heart and garner support for missions both at home and abroad.  It’s also allowed me to stay active while being able to be at home with my daughters.


There are many areas God has laid on my heart to share with others.


I enjoy the challenge of current events, seeking out where God is at work and examining how we should respond to His calling in the world around us.  God also has given me sensitivity to the trap of abusive relationships…even when it is just between myself and I.  During my teen years, I allowed myself to be devalued and abused by a narcissistic manipulative man who I went on to marry.  After a 5-year marriage, I found the strength to end the marriage only to face recriminations from my pastor and other members of my church family.  As the marriage was ending, I was diagnosed and successfully treated with thyroid cancer.


Why pick me?


First, I have a dear friend who attended She Speaks last year.  She was inspired and challenged.  She now has suggested I attend this year’s conference with her.  I have no fear of public speaking, but I don’t believe that I have an understanding of how to shape my experiences to share God’s teaching with others.  Also, where I don’t have as much courage is stepping out and beginning a speaking ministry although I do believe God has gifted me and is calling me to this adventure.  In researching the conference and based on the experiences of my friend, I believe She Speaks Conference could challenge me and help me develop this gift.



15 Mar

Gigo….not just a name….okay….it’s not a name.  It does make me think of the terms we learned for inventory management in business classes — FIFO, FILO and maybe even LIFO or LILO….I don’t remember for sure (maybe explains the C) Anyway — this whole adventure with Made to Crave and the problem with a certain person got me thinking….If I put garbage in my mouth — I don’t feel healthy, I maybe get a little fluffier….and I end up feeling defeated.  So — garbage in = garbage out.  Well how much more true is that of our souls.  If I continue to let the garbage come into my heart and soul — what am I going to put out?  Well it only stands to reason doesn’t it.  So as I continue to need prayers for strength and discernment, I’ll go to the bible more often, I’ll sing praise songs more often and commit to spending time getting to know the God who loves me and will give me the strength to become my best — by putting God In — then God can shine Out.