Grace — what a gift….but can I actually unwrap it.

29 Apr

So I’m still wrestling with the idea of the 31 day challenge….and oh my do I know that I need to figure something out to change…so many things.  On a side note — I’ve been occasionally reading “Grace Notes” by Philip Yancy.  It’s set up as a daily devotional book with selected readings from Yancy’s other books…well the last few days have been focused on some of his writings about two Russian writers Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.  Tolstoy desired to achieve God’s high calling — but didn’t extend himself any grace.  Dostoevsky knew about the importance of love and grace.  Yancy says both men challenge him in his faith journey.  I can totally see that….as the juxtaposition of need to aspire to greater while allowing grace for our humanity……I so wrestle with this.  I know I struggle to fully account for God’s grace and his love for me….I see all the ways I fall short…..Maybe part of my challenge — and really more than a 31 day challenge — is to find a way to truly accept God’s grace in my life…..Oh my.


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