So funny…..when truth hits you while you are scooping poop

21 Mar

As I was cleaning up after Murphy and Millie near our front door and I was once again chastizing myself for putting it off and having to scoop a lot more than I’d like…..a familiar song was going through my head …..I should have been doing this more regularly — every couple of days at least….maybe even as soon as the poop drops so to speak.

I am not as disciplined as I’d like to be and frankly it frustrates me and it continues to frustrate me.  A website I like to follow has a term for well organized people — “BO” for born organized.  To extend that idea I believe there are people who are “BD” — born disciplined.  I’m not one of them.  The good news is that discipline can be achieved — it’s not like a beautiful singing voice…

I love the results when I’m task oriented and get the job done.  I feel good about myself, my mood brightens and I feel strong sense of accomplishment.  So shouldn’t that be enough of incentive to, as Nike says, “just do it”.  It should.  But I do find that perhaps Evie got her “butterfly chasing” tendencies for me…..and the siren call of distraction and couch sitting is more attractive than I’d like.

I’m going to continue to struggle with discipline….and the catch 21 is that it takes discipline to attack a lack of discipline.  But at least my yard looks good for now.  🙂


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