Entry for scholarship contest

17 Mar

She Speaks is a wonderful women’s conference that is hosted by Proverbs 31.  A dear friend attended and has encouraged me to consider attending the next conference this summer.  There are scholarships available.  As part of the scholarship competition, I had to write about my desire and experience to be a speaker……

Here’s what I wrote:

I’ve never been shy about speaking up, sharing or advocating an idea or cause…at least not that I can remember.  When you see the hopefuls on American Idol, you see them with microphone in hand singing their hearts out as three-year olds and their parents saying they always knew their child was destined.  Well, I may have had a microphone in my hand – but no one wanted me to sing – I’m more of a joyful noisemaker – so I’d speak.  I’d educate, discuss and yes, even argue at every opportunity.


In high school, my energies were directed to debate and oral interpretation – hey if I could be up in front making points, I was there.  As a Human Resources Intern during my college years, I volunteered to educate more than 800 beauty school students about the HIV virus and AIDS.  I followed that up with seminars to the same audience on domestic violence.  One student even suggested I take over for Oprah.  Could my dreams be that big?


Eventually, I found myself in Washington, DC with the amazing opportunity of being Communications Director to one of the U.S. Senators from my home state.  My job was a forum to speak publicly representing my boss.  I was ecstatic and exhausted at the end of the long days.  But the job came to an end after 7 years after defeat at the polls.


But I wasn’t done with politics or speaking about issues.  An amazing opportunity to guest host on a local talk radio show came almost as a bolt from the blue.  For the last seven years, I’ve enjoyed taking over the mic for the 4-hour morning show, this time talking about what I think and because of the wonderful latitude granted to me by the station owners, talking about my faith and my God.  Hosting the show has allowed me to introduce listeners to people I admire, causes that touch my heart and garner support for missions both at home and abroad.  It’s also allowed me to stay active while being able to be at home with my daughters.


There are many areas God has laid on my heart to share with others.


I enjoy the challenge of current events, seeking out where God is at work and examining how we should respond to His calling in the world around us.  God also has given me sensitivity to the trap of abusive relationships…even when it is just between myself and I.  During my teen years, I allowed myself to be devalued and abused by a narcissistic manipulative man who I went on to marry.  After a 5-year marriage, I found the strength to end the marriage only to face recriminations from my pastor and other members of my church family.  As the marriage was ending, I was diagnosed and successfully treated with thyroid cancer.


Why pick me?


First, I have a dear friend who attended She Speaks last year.  She was inspired and challenged.  She now has suggested I attend this year’s conference with her.  I have no fear of public speaking, but I don’t believe that I have an understanding of how to shape my experiences to share God’s teaching with others.  Also, where I don’t have as much courage is stepping out and beginning a speaking ministry although I do believe God has gifted me and is calling me to this adventure.  In researching the conference and based on the experiences of my friend, I believe She Speaks Conference could challenge me and help me develop this gift.



One Response to “Entry for scholarship contest”

  1. Kim March 17, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I am so excited for you!

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