15 Mar

Gigo….not just a name….okay….it’s not a name.  It does make me think of the terms we learned for inventory management in business classes — FIFO, FILO and maybe even LIFO or LILO….I don’t remember for sure (maybe explains the C) Anyway — this whole adventure with Made to Crave and the problem with a certain person got me thinking….If I put garbage in my mouth — I don’t feel healthy, I maybe get a little fluffier….and I end up feeling defeated.  So — garbage in = garbage out.  Well how much more true is that of our souls.  If I continue to let the garbage come into my heart and soul — what am I going to put out?  Well it only stands to reason doesn’t it.  So as I continue to need prayers for strength and discernment, I’ll go to the bible more often, I’ll sing praise songs more often and commit to spending time getting to know the God who loves me and will give me the strength to become my best — by putting God In — then God can shine Out.


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