30 Jan

Who knew cookies could cause such heartache?  I’m dreaming about girl scout cookies and being able to sell those stinkers.  The stress comes from the fact that the troop had to “pre-order” our cookies this year….and I’m worried.  If we don’t sell them all — the troop is stuck for the money.  The other frazzled part is that we are technically down to one car — only technically because Bill can drive a state vehicle to work — and he was out of town on state business last week.  But it creates complications in our normal every day life.  That and it was a crazy busy weekend of running here and there.  And frankly — I got tired and snappy.

I’m trying to remember to breathe deep and be grateful for the many blessings in my life….but sometimes I do get caught in the grind and let it get me down.  I used to see this as a sign of my imperfections….and therefore my failure.  And I do still get caught in that.  The problem comes because it is very true that I am not perfect. (it sorta hurt to type that)  BUT GOD still loves me and has a plan for me and wants to help me succeed……he doesn’t see me as a failure — he sees me as his child.   Wow…….


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