Tired and vulnerable

28 Jan

It should be the end of the week — but unfortunately this weekend is chock a block full of stuff that has to be done — so instead of rest, it’s still gonna be go-go-go.  And I’m tired. This week has been challenging because Bill was out of town in trial.  And then physically challenging because of the 120 cases of Girl Scout cookies I’ve been hauling around.  Today I also found myself discouraged because I realized how important it was to me to appear organized and together for my girl scouts as well as their parents….and I wasn’t organized nor “together”

I’m sitting here realizing how vulnerable I become when I’m not well rested….because all the recriminations start to pile on and I continue to pile on all the other mistakes or shortcomings.  I also become vulnerable to a short temper usually with my family — my dearest ones.  My temptation is always to quit everything….all the obligations….but would that really bring me rest or what I need most — peace?


One Response to “Tired and vulnerable”

  1. Kim January 28, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Hey Sweet Sister! What you need is a good nights sleep! And a heaping dose of grace! All too often I find myself at the same point as you…typically it is because I try to control my day, instead of letting God direct my path. Just for this moment…take your arms, wrap yourself in them, take a deep breath and feel God’s love for you! You are such a blessing to so many–please try not to be too hard on yourself.

    ps. I received an email today at work with the headline–Girl Scout cookies harmful to your health. (Thought of you and had a little giggle.) Love ya!

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