So I remembered…

20 Jan

Okay — this was deep and I have no idea if it’s even possible to answer it — just come to your own personal resolution with it I guess (oh and the really funny thing — I remembered it while driving in the exact same spot I was driving when I first thought of it.)

So — On Tuesday night, the weather conditions were a little iffy — and they were worse around 4 p.m than shortly later….anyway…..the girls and I were supposed to go to karate and a 4 p.m. I decided that the weather (cold, snow, blowing and slippery roads) that we should just go home from Hartford instead of risking it going to karate.  So Bess asked me/told me why we weren’t going to karate — I said the roads weren’t the best — so she says “and you don’t want to risk it with children in the car.” so I said yes….so now to the philosophical/theological question…..

If God knows the time of our death — does not taking risks make sense…..what I mean is — certainly the big fear with risky behavior is death…..but if your “time” is already known….should we confine our behaviors in order to “protect” ourselves.

Obviously you could use this to justify behavior in ways that shouldn’t happen.  I mean I’ve heard rumors that someone claimed they shouldn’t be blamed for a motorcyclist’s death — because it was the guy’s appointed time.  That, I think, is twisted.

Maybe the bigger question — should we let fear govern our behavior…..

Yep — welcome to my brain.



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