Plug your nose

24 Jul

From my window I can see all sorts of floating white spots in the lake — fish bellies…..GF & P has told us that the oxygen levels are dangerously low in the lake and the fish are dying…..The carnage has begun to come to our shore — as has the smell.  Poor fish…  There is now a special dumpster for the dead fish at the boat ramp and the landfill is letting Wall Lake residents bring their dead fish for free.  (oh the wind is finally blowing — which will help the live fish — but it’s blowing towards our shore)

Oh did I mention that the Girl Scouts are having a day camp today at Wall Lake.  No swimming and 20 girls complaining about how bad it stinks.  (hopefully the only carnage will be the fish)  Of course — it’d be nice if we could convince the girls to clean up the dead fish for a service project.  HA

And next week, we’ll be hosting our church picnic…..and probably still hosting the smell.  Sigh… least we aren’t the fish…..


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