Where am I going….

12 Jul

I think I’m on a fast train to Grumpyville, with an extended stay at nearby Pitypartytown.   Could Curmudeon Valley be just a short distance away.  I’ll send a postcard.  Seriously, I listen to my inner monologue and sometimes it’d make emo-rockers look positively like Skippy John Jones.  The most frustrating thing is that I catch myself wallowing — and I truly have no business in even dipping my toe in the shallow end of the wallow pool.   The FLY lady calls it “stinking thinking” but it mostly refers to when you are being unreasonably hard on yourself….but I think it extends past that to an attitude about stuff and people around you.

My question is — how the heck did I get here….maybe the journey doesn’t matter…i just need to change directions.  Everyone including me deserve better.


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