Gotta love living in the country….

8 Jul

Okay — this am, my FIL was kind enough to come over an mow our yard (yeah — it’s always nice for Bill not to have to worry about it when he comes home from Pierre — especially since he’s mowing up there too) and I went out to clean off the cottonwood seeds and fluff from the air conditioner unit — Bill Sr. was mowing nearby as I was working on the unit and a mouse nearly ran over my foot.  I also saw a mouse (I’m pretty sure) moving in the grass yesterday near our front door — I think it’s time to get a cat.

Okay — while I’m patting myself on the back here for cleaning the a/c unit….I’m also working on weeding the hedge and I’ll probably trim them this morning, I’ve made my bed and I’ve got laundry started — not to mention a clean dishwasher and sink.  Watch out cousin Martha Stewart….HA!


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