So back in Pierre…

27 Jun

Sunday evening….I have to say I’m feeling a little down.  It’s this limbo thing….and I guess it’d be easy enough to spend a bunch of time navel gazing and feeling sorry for myself.  But how freaking silly….what a waste time.  Not to mention….out of scale to what’s going on… here I am writing about it again….and once again vowing to pull my socks up.

It was a beautiful drive up.  I find the countryside beautiful…and the evening sun was so pretty on the wheat fields.  At Chamberlain, we saw some dramatic rain clouds and an amazing rainbow — we saw the full bow too….no pot of gold tho.  🙂  But a double rainbow on one side.  Didn’t think of it til now….but remembered that the rainbow was a symbol of God’s promise to Noah.  Amazingly gorgeous.

This past weekend was Karate Summer Camp — Bess attended one session, Evie and I did three sessions and the kata tournament.  Evie took third place in her division.  I took first in my division  (okay — so in my division there was only one other guy and he forgot part of his kata — but I did still win 1st)

Okay — now I’m gonna spend some time with Masterpiece Mystery and Miss Jane Marple.


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