31 May

how quickly we’ve adapted to the summer schedule — let’s call it just for the holiday weekend so I don’t feel so slothful — It’s nearly noon and no one in the house is ready to go anywhere yet….of course the girls can turn on a dime. I did start my sweeping of the upstairs (swept downstairs yesterday), and the beds are made — so I’m not totally without achievement for the day.  Plus I can tag Deb for me sitting down right now — she called to have me look up something for her on the internet and I’m waiting for her call back (isn’t that the flimsiest excuse you’ve ever heard)

We skipped Zesto’s last night — but it was the same flavor as the two days before — Tutti Fruiti — which is very delicious by the way…..Today’s flavor is Root Beer — looking forward to that later today.   Well I can tell for sure that the girls and I are gonna need some version of schedule to stay on top of this summer….


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