So…..I did good

10 May

That’s harder to say than I’d like to admit…..okay so I didn’t accomplish anything Nobel Prize winning today — but then again most Nobel Prize winners don’t do award-worthy things everyday either.  It’s hard to acknowledge the little things — but on the positive side — I got to the pharmacy – which I needed to do, restocked my condiments (the ones that went bad in our refrigerator when it quit working), dropped off my jacket to be returned and had lunch with Evie, took care of some laundry and cleaning, read my bible reading for today, picked the girls up from school, (okay I didn’t cook dinner — I picked up pizza — Domino’s — wanted to try the new recipe — I’m not impressed) took the girls to a mother/daughter community ed class, spent some time with Evie trying to teach her how to research a topic for an essay and am now actually writing this on my blog….not a bad day really….and you know what — in honor of trying to “FLY” (finally loving yourself) I’m gonna pat myself on the back for what I did do instead of focusing on all that still could be done….heck I know it’ll wait for me.

So….it was a good day.


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