Okay — so here’s another resolution

4 Jan

Blog often enough so I don’t have to use the password.  🙂

Well it was a quick trip to Minneapolis but one that I’m glad we made.  Teresa and Dave’s wedding was very sweet. And we had fun dancing at the reception.  Evie struggled a bit because Bess was more outgoing and was playing with the other kids there so they wanted to dance with her — but not Evie.  *Sigh*  I know someday I’ll look back on these simple problems and want them back…but for now I just wish I could figure out how to fix things for Evie…..but there in lies the problem — already at 9 years old she needs to learn to fix this on her own…well with some guidance from Bill and I of course.  Bess on the other hand…not such a problem….Ely (Dave’s son) told her that when he grew up he wanted to marry her….and was holding her hand…..Bill actually went and got Bess from a corner window where the two were sitting together and told her that she should not go off alone with boys.  Yikes — that’s a preview of coming attractions.  Evie continued some of the worry when she didn’t want to go back to school today…..again *sigh*  What can I say….I made her go….after I listened and told her I understood.  again — someday I’ll wish this was as tough as it got….In the meantime — here’s a pic of Evie and Bill from the wedding dance.  🙂


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