Working on Halloween pics

4 Nov

besshalloweeneviehalloweenparadeI think my dad has the best pics of the girls in their costumes.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that.  Where did I go wrong?  Ah its all good.  I’ll get the pics and post them later.  In the meantime you can see my less than perfect pics of the girls from Halloween.img_5797

One of the funniest moments, we arrived at my friend Deb’s house and her cat did not take kindly to the invasion by Batgirl and the Pink Fairy Princess.  I’ve never seen Rowdy (the cat) so bushed out… was sorta funny — poor kitty — as soon as Evie took off her mask and started talking Rowdy’s ears came up and his tail turned from a bottle brush back into a tail.   Evie was pretty excited that her costume fooled Rowdy.  🙂  Evie had the orange hair on Halloween — the big picture of her is from her Halloween party at school and their costume parade….no orange hair there.  Oh — and the pirate girl in the background is cousin Maddie!


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