GREAT Read! Really — Brandilyn I’m not a stalker

14 Oct

Okay — my dear friends.  You know I’ve been on a Brandilyn Collins kick.  I had the great privilege of interviewing her when I was hosting the radio show last month.  What a wonderful woman.  I was sooo nervous.  I want her to like me.  🙂  Anyway — it went pretty well — there were a couple of kinks — the normal host had scheduled an interview he didn’t tell me about (I think he forgot) until that morning so I had to move up Brandilyn’s interview to an hour earlier — she was very gracious about it.  And as always — afterwards there were so many questions I would have liked to ask…..but….that’s interviewing with a clock running against you….let me tell you — time flies when you are doing an interview.

So the interview went really good.  Then a few days later I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy for Brandilyn’s next book “Dark Pursuit”  WOOO HOOOO!  I had signed up to be one of the early readers for the book through Brandilyn’s web site…..and I’m so happy to be in the group that got the sneak preview.



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