Book Review — Dark Pursuit

14 Oct

Okay — yep — I’m one of the cool kids who got to read a book before it’s available for sale.  🙂  Jealous?  You should be….not that I’m encouraging envy you understand….okay — maybe a little bit.

Dark Pursuit is Brandilyn Collins new stand alone novel that will be released in the next month.  It is a humdinger!  It’s a page-turning suspense novel that keeps you guessing.  I love the premise — you have a best-selling suspense novelist who has lost his “mojo” because of a car accident, his grand-daughter comes to him for help because she came home early from work to discover a body on her bed and she suspects her cop-boyfriend…..And the boyfriend knows she came home early!  Yikes.  Yeppers that just the first couple of chapters!  Brandilyn doesn’t say she writes seatbelt suspense for nothing kids!  This one you gotta buckle up for!!!   And again, one of the greatest gifts Brandilyn has is for writing characters that are really developed — you feel them, you get to know their hearts — and get a believable and credible peek at what is motivating them.  There are also some great thought provoking situations that really lend themselves to some great discussions amongst friends.   For example, when does the clock stop running on past mistakes?  Is it really possible to make a fresh start?  What can you learn about dealing with painful events in the past that different characters have and the differences in how they handle them.  This book is great read, but more than that — it’s very relevant and if you let it take you on the journey, there is a lot of food for thought and reflection.

Wet your taste buds with an excerpt — Dark Pursuit


One Response to “Book Review — Dark Pursuit”

  1. Brandilyn Collins October 21, 2008 at 3:58 am #

    Kristi, thank you so much for this review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. And–bless you, girl, for reading beneath the surface! There’s so much there to see, but too many readers never take the time …

    Thank you for your insights.

    ~ Brandilyn

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