Time flies — even with kids in school

2 Sep

So — last week I was all ready to start my life of leisure as a mom of two school aged children in school.  HA!  It’s not that it’s been bad or anything….just managed to keep busier than I thought….but I also knew once the girls were back in school, all the projects I’d put off would now start demanding my attention.  This next week, I’ve got the girls’ rooms and toy area on my list of projects.  This is really the project that keeps on giving…mostly because I’ve given too much to my girls….toys that is.  Well I need to get up there and deal with it.  I really need to figure out some more creative storage areas for them…..as well and thinning out the number of toys they have.  Something I decided to do with them busy at school.  Well wish me luck.  🙂  After I tackle that, I’m moving on to the basement and my “craft” area….and my “office” both are cluttered and junked up beyond reason…..well that’s part of the reason I’ve stepped back from some of my commitments to handle domestic issues with a little more time.  Again….wish me luck.  🙂


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