The Shack — an emotional must read

13 Aug

I finished The Shack about a week ago and have been stirring around for a way to summarize my thoughts about it.  The story hooked me in almost immediately even though the source of Mack’s Great Sadness was really painful.  (Mack is the main character by the way)  It is Mack’s story.  I don’t want to give too much away because part of the wonderful journey the reader goes on is the discovery of how the story unfolds.  The cover blurb — “could be this generation’s Pilgrim’s Progress” — really caught my attention.  What I found was a story that didn’t shy away from the tough questions many of us (if not all) ask at one point in our life.   I think the story deals with the subjects in a very real and authentic manner….making it that much more compelling.  I will confess that at as many as three different points in the story I sat reading with tears rolling down my face so be prepared.  

I’ve heard there are some conservative groups that have taken issue with some of the content of The Shack.  I’d say to them lighten up — this is a work of fiction — not anything claiming to be anything but a work of man.  The honesty, authentic emotions and new perspectives that the story brings forward are incredibly thought provoking.  I think it’s a phenomenal read.


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