Whoops — where’d that tooth go

8 Aug

Well up until last night, both girls had each lost two teeth — the center bottom ones.  Both girls have loose upper teeth….but a few days ago, Evie accidentally elbowed Bess in the mouth.  Suddenly, one of Bess’s teeth was much more loose.  Evie really thought this was unfair that Bess might loose her third tooth before Evie because Bess is younger.  But last night, while eating a donut, the fateful tooth came out.  Unfortunately……it was Evie who noticed Bess’s tooth was gone first.  Yep…Bess swallowed the tooth.  Fortunately, the very understanding Tooth Fairy was willing to accept a note from Mom that the tooth did in fact come out…..and an apology from Bess — yep she told the Tooth Fairy she was sorry that she swallowed her tooth.  Well that sweet fairy came through and still left Bess a quarter even tho the Fairy was beat out of her tooth.  🙂  You will note in the picture — not only is the tooth missing but the donut is still on Bess’s face.


One Response to “Whoops — where’d that tooth go”

  1. Jheri August 12, 2008 at 6:16 pm #

    Well look at you with a new entry almost every day. Wow, you’re makin me look bad.
    Great photo too sista.

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