News stories….

5 Aug

A couple of news stories that piqued my interest — 

Too Fat To Die   A death row inmate is saying he’s too fat to be put to death.  And I don’t think it has to do with his ability to fit on the table — just that the executioners can’t find his vessels and also because the drugs won’t be strong enough because pudge boy weighs too much.  Maybe he can save us all some time and money and choke on his last meal

Actor Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in a car crash.  I remember Morgan from the Electric Company.  Best wishes a speedy recovery.

Mary-Kate wants a get out of jail free card  The Olsen twin wants immunity before she talks to the investigators in the death of Heath Ledger about some painkillers the actor had.  Mmmmm….Full House – Full Medicine Cabinet.  No word on any hijinx involving the twins swapping places to confuse the Feds.

No free lunch, now no free pillow  Jet Blue is gonna start charging for those cardboard pillows and blankets they hand out.  Wowsers….that’s really harsh — oh wait — I was talking about the pillows and blankets.


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