Runway – Kristi can’t tell the difference

31 Jul

The casting director on Project Runway has me totally confused.  I cannot keep Leanne and Jennifer straight.  I can’t tell you which is the one with the really retro glasses.  But this challenge really seperated them….the clocks dress stunk and the black petal dress from Leanne was really good.  Oh as I watch — I see that Jennifer does not have bangs… she must not be the girl with glasses.  I’m hoping Jennifer gets the Auf soon so I’m not so confused….at least about who is who.

By the way — Kristi thinks Suede should get acquainted with personal pronouns….the Suede says “Suede rocked it,” is so done.  It worked for Bob Dole — it doesn’t work for a guy with a blue mohawk



This just in….daw gone it….I’m gonna have to be confused for another week.  Jennifer didn’t get Auf’d this time.  I really thought her dress – inspired by clocks — shouted Time’s Up!  Also — note to Runway wannabes — if Tim tells you the dress stinks….listen to the man.  Otherwise you end up going home after sending a dress down the runway that looks like reject for Carmen Miranda….Ai Carumba!


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