Good Evening Angels

31 Jul

Sheer Genius will be rocking a Charlie’s Angels them tonight….I’m so there.  Special guest Kate Jackson — whooo hooo.  I’ve loved her since she was in The Rookie.  

Which Angel were you?  I always wanted to be Sabrina.  When the show was first on, it used to make me so mad that the “smart” girl was never in a bikini…I’m telling you….brains are beautiful.


This episode was such a disappointment.  I haven’t done hair for years and I think I might have been able to do a better updated Jill Monroe (Farrah — for you non-Angelics) style than any of the stylists on the show.  I’d have to say I’d disagree with who got the cut — but I can see where it was close on the stink it up scale.  Oh and another thing…..I don’t think Jaclyn should be using the “your work is sheer genius” until the very last show for the winner.  Otherwise it just gets old and sorta meaningless.


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